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AI business school for healthcare Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get AI business school for healthcare Microsoft Quiz Answers

Decision-makers in healthcare have considerations that are particular to their industry to help them realize the true transformational impact of AI in the enterprise. This learning path is designed for healthcare industry decision-makers to illustrate the true transformational impact of AI in the enterprise.



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Module 2: Define an AI strategy to create business value in healthcare

To realize the true transformational impact of AI in the healthcare sector, decision-makers must consider the special factors that apply only to their industry. To create real business value, a comprehensive understanding of all the strategic components is required.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Describe healthcare industry outcomes achieved through the adoption of AI.
  • Articulate the components of an AI strategy.
  • Apply the value creation framework.



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge Check

Q1. How have some healthcare organizations used AI to reduce the number of negative reviews?

  • They implement predictive modeling when hiring doctors, based on personality traits and history.
  • They predict bad patient experiences in real time and pursue immediate service recovery.
  • Analyze published review histories of new patients to identify what experience qualities they value.
  • Predictive models are used to predict patient demand based on CDC data to reduce wait times.

Q2. What is a major challenge for healthcare organizations when it comes to digital information?

  • There are strict regulations concerning how AI can be applied to healthcare data.
  • There is no way to tap into the stored data collected through continual patient monitoring.
  • Healthcare information is qualitative in nature, limiting its effectiveness in AI analysis.
  • They need to turn the mountains of data they already have into actionable insights.

Q3. What is a best practice when healthcare clinics incorporate AI-driven innovation into their operations to ensure their success and receptiveness from patients?

  • They need to overhaul the industry, which has been characterized by a reluctance to embrace digital transformation.
  • They need to incrementally invest in smaller, very tightly scoped initial projects that drive innovation value.
  • They need to recruit younger doctors who are more adept at working with AI and technology.
  • They need to invest in new patient monitoring devices that can retain the necessary information to analyze and correlate data.

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