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AZ-204: Develop message-based solutions Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get AZ-204: Develop message-based solutions Microsoft Quiz Answers

Learn how to build applications with message-based architectures by integrating Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage in to your solution.

This learning path helps prepare you for Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure.


  • At least one year of experience developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development.
  • Have a base understanding of Azure and cloud concepts, services, and the Azure portal.
  • If you are new to Azure or cloud computing it is recommended you complete the AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals course.

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Module 1: Discover Azure message queues

About Module:

Learn how to integrate Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue storage in to your solution, and how to send and receive message by using .NET.

Learning objectives:

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose the appropriate queue mechanism for your solution.
  • Explain how the messaging entities that form the core capabilities of Service Bus operate.
  • Send and receive message from a Service Bus queue by using .NET.
  • Identify the key components of Azure Queue Storage
  • Create queues and manage messages in Azure Queue Storage by using .NET.


  • You should be familiar with developer concepts and terminology.
  • An understanding of cloud computing and some experience with the Azure portal.

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Which of the following advanced features of Azure Service Bus creates a first-in, first-out (FIFO) guarantee?

  • Transactions
  • Scheduled delivery
  • Message sessions

Q2. In Azure Service Bus messages are durably stored which enables a load-leveling benefit. Which of the below correctly describes the load-leveling benefit relative to a consuming application’s performance?

  • Performance needs to handle peak load
  • Performance needs to handle average load
  • Performance needs to handle low loads

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