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Bring AI to business users in your organization Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Bring AI to business users in your organization Microsoft Quiz Answers

To truly empower an organization with AI, business leaders need to put AI in the hands of everyone, not just developers and data scientists.



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Module 1: Enable business users with key AI use cases

From everyday AI experiences to no-code AI development tools, this module provides an overview of available AI tools and technologies that can empower every business user to achieve more.

Learning objectives:

  • Consider how subject matter experts can use AI models to apply their expertise.
  • Identify how no-code AI tools can help business users create and customize AI models.
  • Describe how intelligent business applications can quickly transform core business processes.
  • Apply everyday AI experiences to help business users be more effective and productive.



Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. What is an example of how anyone can use AI to get more done today?

  • AI can be used to replace large groups of workers.
  • AI can help ease friction points in virtual meetings for remote work scenarios.
  • AI can independently and automatically generate new sales for businesses.

Q2. Which role(s) are able to build AI models today?

  • Anyone has the ability to create models—regardless of their technical expertise.
  • Developers and data scientists are the only roles with the level of technical expertise required to develop AI models.
  • Sales and marketing teams are the primary roles building AI models today.

Q3. What is AI for reasoning?

  • Encouraging subject matter experts to ask developers and data scientists whenever they need an AI model.
  • Providing subject matter experts with AI development training so they can build their own AI models.
  • Enabling your subject matter experts with the ability to choose which AI models to use for different purposes and what information sources to analyze with them.

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