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Problem: Capitalize! Hacker Rank Solution

You are asked to ensure that the first and last names of people begin with a capital letter in their passports. For example, alison heck should be capitalized correctly as Alison Heck.

alison heck  – Alison Heck

Given a full name, your task is to capitalize the name appropriately.

Input Format

A single line of input containing the full name, S.


  • 0 < len(S) < 1000
  • The string consists of alphanumeric characters and spaces.

Note: in a word only the first character is capitalized. Example 12abc when capitalized remains 12abc.

Output Format

Print the capitalized string, S.

Sample Input

chris alan

Sample Output

Chris Alan

Capitalize! Hacker Rank Solution in Python 2

# Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT
import string

words = raw_input().split(' ')
for i in xrange(len(words)):
    words[i] = string.capitalize(words[i])

print ' '.join(words)

Capitalize! Hacker Rank Solution in Python 3

# Complete the solve function below.
def solve(s):
    for x in s[:].split():
        s = s.replace(x, x.capitalize())
    return s

Capitalize! Hacker Rank Solution in pypy

def capitalize(string):
    for idx,x in enumerate(string):
        #print (x,idx,str1[idx-1])
        os+=x.upper() if string[idx-1]==" " or idx == 0 else x
    return "".join(os)

Capitalize! Hacker Rank Solution in pypy3

def capitalize(string):
    for x in string :
        if space and x!=' ':
        elif x==' ':
        else :
    return s 
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