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Cloud Native Security Conference – DevSecOps Quiz Answers

Get Cloud Native Security Conference – DevSecOps Quiz Answers

In this short course, you will demonstrate what you learnt about DevSecOps essentials and the hands-on skills you gained to secure their DevOps pipeline and infrastructure using Source-to-Image (S2I) for OpenShift with a Universal Base Image (UBI), custom builder and runtime images, Templates, BuildConfig and DeploymentConfig.

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Question: What is Source-to-Image?

  • A technology to generate a Dockerfile for your application.
  • An open source tool to create a ready-to-run container image by injecting source code into a container image template.
  • A tool that creates an application workflow visualization.
  • None of the above.

Question: What is a Builder Image?

  • A container in Source-to-Image responsible for building a deployable artifact, like a binary, of your runnable application.
  • A slave instance of a Jenkins build server.
  • An architecture diagram of Tekton Pipelines.
  • All of the above.

Question: What is the Source-to-Image CLI command to build an application?

  • s2i create build
  • s2i build
  • s2i app create
  • s2i build create

Question: What is the OpenShift CLI command to deploy a new application from a Template?

  • oc template new-app
  • s2i new-app –template
  • oc new-app –template
  • s2i create deploy –from-template

Question: What is the main difference between deploying with Kubernetes Deployment and with OpenShift BuildConfig and DeploymentConfig?

  • With Kubernetes Deployment you can create a Webhook to automatically build when changes to an image are pushed.
  • With OpenShift BuildConfig and DeploymentConfig you can set a trigger to automatically build the application when changes to an image are pushed.
  • With Kubernetes Deployment you cannot add a ConfigMap.
  • An OpenShift DeploymentConfig extends the Kubernetes Deployment by setting runtime configurations.


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