Configure Azure Active Directory Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Configure Azure Active Directory Microsoft Quiz Answers

You will learn how to configure Azure Active Directory including features like AD Join and Self-Service Password Reset.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the features and uses of Azure Active Directory.
  • Define the main Azure Active Directory components such as identity, account, and tenant.
  • Compare Azure Active Directory to Azure Directory Domain Services.
  • Identify features of Azure Active Directory editions.
  • Identify features and usage cases for Azure AD Join.
  • Identify features and usage cases for Self-Service Password Reset.

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Knowledge check

Q1. Which of the following correctly describes Azure Active Directory?

  • Azure AD can be queried through LDAP.
  • Azure AD is primarily an identity solution
  • Azure AD uses Organizational Units (OUs) and Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

Q2. A dedicated and trusted instance of Azure Active Directory is often referred to as?

  • An Azure tenant
  • An Azure identity
  • An Azure Active Directory account

Q3. Your users want to sign-in to devices, apps, and services from anywhere. Users want to sign-in using an organizational work or school account instead of a personal account. What should you do first?

  • Enable the device in Azure AD.
  • Join the device to Azure AD.
  • Register the device with Azure AD.

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