Configure Azure policy Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Configure Azure policy Microsoft Quiz Answers

You will learn how to configure Azure Policy to implement compliance requirements.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Create management groups to target policies and spend budgets.
  • Implement Azure policy with policy and initiative definitions.
  • Scope Azure policies and determine compliance.

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Knowledge check

Q1. There are several Azure policies that need to be applied to a new branch office. What is the best way to proceed?

  • Create a management group
  • Create a policy initiative
  • Create a policy definition

Q2. The finance team wants to categorize resources and billing for different departments like Research and Human Resources. The billing needs to be consolidated across multiple resource groups to ensure everyone complies with the solution. Resource tags have been created for each department. What should be done next?

  • Create a management group
  • Create an Azure policy
  • Review the Azure policy compliance page

Q3. The finance team wants to ensure that only cost-effective virtual machine SKU sizes are deployed. What is the best way to meet this requirement?

  • Periodically inspect the deployment to see which SKU sizes are used
  • Create an Azure RBAC role that defines the allowed virtual machine SKU sizes
  • Create a policy in Azure Policy that specifies the allowed SKU sizes

Q4. Which of the following can be used to manage governance across multiple Azure subscriptions?

  • Azure initiatives
  • Resource groups
  • Management groups

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