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Data & AI: Jumpstart Your Journey Quiz Answers

Get Data & AI: Jumpstart Your Journey Quiz Answers

In this short course, you will demonstrate introductory knowledge and hands-on experience regarding ML and MLOps. Specifically, you will demonstrate hands-on experience in the following: Python for DataScience and related libraries; building machine learning models through sklearn; automatic build of machine learning models with AutoAI; deploying ML models as API endpoints; versioning the deployed models; explaining AI models; and building prescriptive models with decision optimization.

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Question: A python variable can begin with …..

  • A. a letter
  • B. a number
  • C. an underscore ‘_’
  • D. both A and B
  • E. both A and C

Question: We can visualize data with which Python module?

  • Matpolot lib
  • Pandas
  • Seaborn
  • All of the above

Question: AutoAI will build ….

  • a pipeline
  • Machine Learning models
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • All of the above

Question: Scikit Learn is a framework for building ….

  • Graphs
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Machine Learning models

Question: A python container that has key/value pairs is a ….

  • String
  • Bucket
  • Dict
  • list

Question: A Python object type that contains a decimal point is ….

  • Int
  • Float
  • Bool
  • Pencil

Question: What does the “**” operator do in the python?

  • Multiply
  • Derefer to a pointer
  • Exponentiate
  • Yield the next value

Question: The pandas describe method will get statical information for all the data attributes in a dataframe regardless of data type.

  • True
  • False

Question: In a box plot, the horizontal line through each box represents which value?

  • an outlier
  • the median
  • the largest value
  • a random data point

Question: AutoAI can build which of the following types of models?

  • A. classification models
  • B. regression models
  • C. neural network models
  • D. both A and B
  • E. both A and C


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