Describe security and compliance concepts Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Describe security and compliance concepts Microsoft Quiz Answers

Learn about common security and compliance concepts that are foundational to Microsoft solutions. Topics include the shared responsibility and Zero Trust models, encryption, data residency and data sovereignty, and more.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the shared responsibility and the defense-in-depth security models.
  • Describe the Zero-Trust model.
  • Describe the concepts of encryption and hashing.
  • Describe some basic compliance concepts.

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Knowledge Check

Q1. An organization has deployed Microsoft 365 applications to all employees. Considering the shared responsibility model, who is responsible for the accounts and identities relating to these employees?

  • The organization.
  • Microsoft, the SaaS provider.
  • There’s shared responsibility between an organization and Microsoft.

Q2. Which of the following measures might an organization implement as part of the defense in-depth security methodology?

  • Locating all its servers in a single physical location.
  • Multifactor authentication for all users.
  • Ensuring there’s no segmentation of your corporate network.

Q3. The human resources organization wants to ensure that stored employee data is encrypted. Which security mechanism would they use?

  • Hashing.
  • Encryption in transit.
  • Encryption at rest.

Q4. Which of the following best describes the concept of data sovereignty?

  • There are regulations that govern the physical locations where data can be stored and how and when it can be transferred, processed, or accessed internationally.
  • Data, particularly personal data, is subject to the laws and regulations of the country/region in which it’s physically collected, held, or processed.
  • Trust no one, verify everything.

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