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Get started with Power BI Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Get started with Power BI Microsoft Quiz Answers

Understand how your business can use Power BI and how you can get started building with it yourself!


There are no prerequisites for this learning path.

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Module 2: Explore what Power BI can do for you

As a consumer, you’ll work in the Power BI service to review and interact with content that has been shared with you. This module provides the foundational information that you need to work effectively in the Power BI service.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Understand Power BI service basic concepts and terminology.
  • Find your content in dashboards, reports, and apps.
  • View and export data from dashboards and reports.
  • View filters that are used in a report.
  • Explain the relationship between dashboards and reports, visualizations, and tiles.
  • Display action menus for tiles and details for report visualizations.
  • Collapse and expand the nav pane and the Filters and Bookmarks panes.
  • Subscribe to a dashboard and report.
  • Set a data alert.
  • Collaborate by using dashboard commenting.


Access to the Power BI service

This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Check your knowledge

Q1. You just modified some filters to reveal some amazing business insights that could help boost company sales. You want to share these insights with your team. Which of the following strategies would not work?

  • Create a bookmark and share the bookmark with your team
  • Export your visuals to PowerPoint and present to your team
  • Save the report, bundle into a Power BI app, and send the app to your team
  • Export your data to Excel and share the spreadsheet with your team.

Q2. Which of these is false?

  • Power BI is a tool for visualizing your data and for storytelling
  • Power BI is interactive and you work with dashboards and reports to discover trends and insights.
  • Power BI is collaborative – you work from the same data (reports, apps, dashboards) with colleagues to collaborate and share.
  • Power BI is another name for the reporting tools found in Excel and Microsoft Dynamics

Q3. Which Power BI component is an all-purpose tool for navigating to all of your content?

  • Report editor
  • Q&A natural language queries
  • Power BI Home
  • Apps

Q4. Power BI is an effective way for corporate employees to work with data. Which of the following is not true?

  • Your data cannot be shared outside of your company.
  • Colleagues can work from the same version of datasets, reports, and dashboards.
  • You can interact with the shared dashboards, reports, and apps without impacting the underlying dataset.
  • Power BI works across devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Q5. Which of the following is a difference between a dashboard and a report?

  • Has one or more pages
  • Contains visualizations
  • Can be part of an app
  • Can hover over the visuals to see more detail

Q6. Apps are shared with consumers in all of the following way, except…

  • Link in an email
  • In Excel files
  • Automatically installed by report designers or administrators
  • On

Q7. If you have a bar chart and select one bar, what do you call what happens to the other updated visuals on the report page? (This applies to reports and not dashboards.)

  • Filter
  • Cross-filter and cross-highlight
  • Bookmark
  • Slicer

Q8. Which statement is true regarding adding comments to a dashboard?

  • Comments can be added to an entire dashboard but not to individual visualizations on that dashboard
  • Before a comment is published, it must be approved by the dashboard designer
  • Only the report designer can add comments to a report
  • You can use the “@” symbol to mention a colleague in a comment

Q9. Which of the following actions will ensure you receive a daily email with a snapshot of a Power BI report?

  • Create an alert
  • Subscribe
  • Bookmark
  • Export data

Q10. There are several actions that reveal the underlying data that is used to build your visuals. Which of the following is not one of those actions?

  • From a visual in a report, select Show data.
  • From a tile on a dashboard, select Export to Excel
  • From a visual on a report, select Export data
  • From an app, display the underlying dataset.

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