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Problem -Head office building CodeChef Solution

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Head office building CodeChef Solution in C++14

using namespace std;
const int N = 200005;
bool v[3005][3005];
int sum[3005][3005];
int n,m,d,t,x[N],y[N],c[N],ans = 2e9;
int main(){
	for(int i = 0;i <= n;i++)
		for(int j = 0;j <= m;j++)
			v[i - j + 1001][i + j + 1001] = 1;
	for(int i = 1;i <= t;i++){
		int a = x[i],b = y[i];
		x[i] = a - b,y[i] = a + b;
		sum[x[i] + 1001][y[i] + 1001] = c[i];
	for(int i = 1;i <= 3000;i++){
		for(int j = 1;j <= 3000;j++){
			sum[i][j] += sum[i - 1][j] + sum[i][j - 1] - sum[i - 1][j - 1];
	d *= 2;
	for(int i = 1;i + d <= 3000;i++){
		for(int j = 1;j + d <= 3000;j++){
			if(!v[i][j] || !v[i][j + d] || !v[i + d][j] || !v[i + d][j + d])continue;
			ans = min(ans,sum[i + d][j + d] - sum[i + d][j - 1] - sum[i - 1][j + d] + sum[i - 1][j - 1]);
	return 0;

Head office building CodeChef Solution in C

#include <stdio.h>
#define min(a,b) ((a<b)?(a):(b))

int w, h, n, d, X[4][1010][1010];

inline int f1(int x, int y)
if(x>=0&&x<=w&&y>=0&&y<=h) return X[1][x][y];
return 0;

inline int f2(int x, int y)
if(x>=0&&x<=w&&y>=0&&y<=h) return X[0][x][y];
return 0;

inline int f3(int x, int y)
if(x>=0&&x<=w&&y>=0&&y<=h) return X[2][x][y];
return 0;

int x, y, c, i, res;
for(i=!scanf("%d %d %d %d",&w,&h,&d,&n); ++i<=n; scanf("%d %d",&x,&y),scanf("%d",&X[0][x][y]));
for(y=0; y<=h; y++)
	for(x=-1; ++x<=w; X[1][x][y]=f1(x-1,y-1)-f2(x-d-1,y-d-1)+X[0][x][y],X[2][x][y]=f3(x+1,y-1)-f2(x+d+1,y-d-1)+X[0][x][y]);
for(y=d; y>=0; y--)
	for(x=y-d; x<=d-y; X[3][d][d]+=X[0][d+x++][d+y]);
for(y=-1; y>=-d; y--)
	for(x=(-y-d); x<=(d+y); X[3][d][d]+=X[0][d+x++][d+y]);
for(x=d+1,res=X[3][d][d]; x+d<=w; res=min(res,(X[3][x][d]=X[3][x-1][d]-(X[1][x-1][2*d]+X[2][x-d-1][d]-X[0][x-d-1][d])+(X[2][x][2*d]+X[1][x+d][d]-X[0][x+d][d]))),x++);
for(y=d+1; y+d<=h; y++)
	for(x=d; x+d<=w; res=min(res,(X[3][x][y]=X[3][x][y-1]-(X[2][x-d][y-1]+X[1][x+d][y-1]-X[0][x][y-d-1])+(X[1][x][y+d]+X[2][x][y+d]-X[0][x][y+d]))),x++);
return 0;
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