How to compare two BigDecimals in Java

How to compare two BigDecimals in Java Answer

BigDecimal consists of a 32-bit integer scale; it is used to handle very large and very small floating-point numbers.

Java provides the built-in function compareTo() which compares the two BigDecimals. The comparison can not be done using the >< or = operators as these operators can only be used for the primitive data types like int, long and double.

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CompareTo returns

  • 1: when the first BigDecimal is greater than the second BigDecimal.
  • 0: when the first BigDecimal is equal to the second BigDecimal.
  • -1: when the first BigDecimal is less than the second BigDecimal.

Note: The first BigDecimal is the number which calls the function, ​and the second BigDecimal is the number which is passed as an argument in the function.


The following code explains how to compare two BigDecimals:

import java.math.*; 
class example { 
    public static void main(String[] args) 
        // Creating 2 BigDecimal objects 
        BigDecimal First, Second; 
        First = new BigDecimal("47653.002"); 
        Second= new BigDecimal("22121.302"); 
        if (First.compareTo(Second) == 0) { 
            System.out.println(First + " and " + Second + " are equal."); 
        else if (First.compareTo(Second) == 1) { 
            System.out.println(First + " is greater than " + Second + "."); 
        else { 
            System.out.println(First + " is lesser than " + Second + "."); 

Things to try

  • Try changing the numbers in the code to check the inequality or equality.
  • The numbers are placed between ("") so that they do not become too long. Try removing the double quotes and check the effect.
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