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How to use the emoji module in Python? Answer


An emoji is a pictogram, logogram, ideogram, or smiley embedded in the text and used in electronic messages and web pages. They can represent emotion, weather conditions, hand gestures, people, animals, objects, etc. They replace the conventional typographical style.

In Python, emojis can be printed using the emoji module provided in it.

Install the emoji module

To install the emoji module, run the following command in the terminal window.

pip install emoji



Parameter value

The emoji.emojize() function takes the parameter value as the CLDR short name.

Return value

The emoji.emojize() function returns the emoji corresponding to the CLDR short name passed into it as a paremerer.


import emoji
# using the thumbs up CLDR short name
print(emoji.emojize('Python is really cool :thumbs_up:'))
# using the grinning face CLDR short name
print(emoji.emojize('Python is really cool :grinning_face:'))


Python is really cool ?
Python is really cool ?

Note: Every emoji has a CDLR short name associated with it.

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