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Hybrid Cloud Conference – Pipelines Lab Quiz Answers

Get Hybrid Cloud Conference – Pipelines Lab Quiz Answers

In this short course, you will demonstrate what you learned about building smart and secure applications in the cloud when including CI/CD solutions based on Tekton, using OpenShift® Pipelines on IBM Cloud®.

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Hands-on Lab Quiz

Question: Using Tekton terminology, a pipeline is a series of…

  • Steps
  • Tasks
  • PipelineRuns
  • Blocks

Question: In this lab, OpenShift Pipelines was used to create a pipeline, what was the name of the first task of the deployed pipeline?

  • build-transaction
  • deploy-ui
  • code-analysis
  • deploy-user

Question: In this lab, SonarQube was also deployed to analyze our code base, what is something SonarQube does not analyze?

  • Bugs
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Code Smells
  • Deprecations

Question: Is it good practice to deploy your pipelines and code in the same namespace?

  • True
  • False

Question: Which is not a Tekton Custom Resource?

  • PipelineRun
  • PipelineResource
  • Pipeline
  • PipelineRequirement


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