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In this short course, you will demonstrate what you learned about building smart and secure applications in the cloud when adding a rewards points feature to a conceptual credit card application with an OpenShift® Serverless on IBM Cloud® addition that reacts to new credit card transactions.

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Hands-on Lab Quiz

Question: The OpenShift Serverless component leverages what open source project?

  • OpenWhisk
  • Tekton
  • Kubernetes
  • Knative

Question: What portion of the Example Bank application make use of serverless technologies?

  • Loyalty Points
  • Authentication
  • Transaction
  • Erasure

Question: OpenShift Serverless has 2 main components, Serving and Eventing.

  • True
  • False

Question: When not in use, an OpenShift Serverless based service will scale down to how many pods?

  • 1
  • 0
  • 2
  • It doesn’t scale down

Question: Which of the following is not an advantage of a Serverless architecture?

  • Automatic scaling
  • Applications only run when an event-trigger occurs
  • Developers don’t need to worry about server provisioning or maintenance
  • None of the above


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