Hybrid learning strategies for success Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Hybrid learning strategies for success Microsoft Quiz Answers

This learning path introduces educators to the hybrid learning model. Educators will learn about the five elements of hybrid learning, how to implement them, and how to utilize Microsoft Teams to create a dynamic learning environment for their students. Educators will also see how hybrid learning can be implemented at a variety of age levels, and which Microsoft tools fit the structure best.



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Module 4: Hybrid learning for the adolescent learner

This module expands upon the introduction course for hybrid learning, with a specific focus on creating a dynamic learning experience for students in grades 6-12. Secondary educators will focus on the fundamentals of using Microsoft Teams to create a comprehensive and collaborative hybrid classroom designed for adolescent learners.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Incorporate key methods for establishing community and collaboration in the hybrid learning environment
  • Create strategies for making the most of synchronous instruction with students
  • Identify practices for using Microsoft tools to enhance engagement and learning



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Which of the following features allows students to view their scheduled live sessions across courses?

  • Private channel feature
  • Assignment feature
  • Calendar feature

Q2. Front-loading direct instruction before live sessions helps provide more time for:

  • Students to ask questions, engage with one another, and practice application of concepts
  • Students to read materials but keep questions to themselves
  • Students to know concepts but not practice until the session begins

Q3. Which feature on Stream allows instructors to embed questions into videos added to Stream?

  • Active activity
  • Running transcript
  • Interactivity

Q4. Integrating applications like Peardeck or Kahoot is a great way to:

  • Deepen engagement and add interactivity to live lessons
  • Complicate lessons
  • Lengthen lessons to meet minimum time requirements

Q5. What should be established first to ensure student wellness and engagement?

  • Rigorous assignments
  • Social emotional learning routines and practice
  • Guest presenters

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