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IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer Quiz Answers – Cognitive Class

Get IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer Quiz Answers

This course will teach you how to build Hyperledger Fabric applications and smart contracts using the IBM Blockchain Platform Visual Studio Code Extension.

This course is for developers who already understand the basics of blockchain for business networks. You’ll get a more detailed picture of the components and structures of blockchain business networks, such as ledgers, smart contracts, consensus, certificate authorities, security, roles, transaction processes, participants, and fabrics.

You’ll also get experience working with a blockchain to model, build, and test a business network and create an application that can query a ledger, first by using Hyperledger Composer, and second by working directly in chaincode with command-line tools. Finally, you will learn how to create a blockchain network, and the tasks and components that are required.

Note that this course does not discuss cryptocurrencies except to contrast them with business networks.

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Question: What is the commonly accepted definition of blockchain?

  • distributed ledger technology
  • the Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  • proof of work
  • one satoshi

Question: What is a smart contract?

  • a collection of key/value pairs that is distributed across a network
  • a legal document that is interpreted using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • computer code that describes the business rules for a transaction
  • a markdown file that highlights ambiguities in legal text

Question: What is a problem that blockchain specifically aims to solve?

  • different ledgers need to be reconciled
  • there is no common data format for assets
  • the majority of data is unparsed
  • the internet is too slow in developing countries

Question: Which of these is necessary for a private blockchain?

  • transaction anonymity
  • cryptocurrency
  • proof of work
  • participant identity

Question: Which of these is necessary for a blockchain to add value?

  • a network
  • a cryptocurrency
  • a regulator
  • an oracle

Final Exam

Question: A developer has installed the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension but cannot see the Fabric Environments, Smart Contracts, Fabric Wallets and Fabric Gateways views. Where should they click?

  • the IBM Blockchain Platform icon in the VS Code activity bar
  • the ‘View homepage’ icon
  • the Smart Contract project in the Explorer view
  • the ‘IBM Blockchain Platform’ extension in the Extensions Marketplace

Question: How can a developer quickly show all the available commands implemented by the IBM Blockchain Platform extension?

  • Click the “Tutorials” link from the extension homepage.
  • From the VS Code main menu, click “View” -> “IBM Blockchain Platform”.
  • Right-click the IBM Blockchain Platform icon in the activity bar.
  • Click “View” -> “Command Palette” and enter “>IBM Blockchain Platform”.

Question: Which of the following is a deterministic value for a smart contract to calculate and store in the world state?

  • the n’th digit of pi, where n is supplied as an input parameter to the transaction
  • the number of milliseconds since 00:00 1 January 1970
  • a random number between 1 and 1000
  • the DHCP address of the peer running the smart contract

Question: A transaction’s signature in a Hyperledger Fabric TypeScript smart contract is decorated with “@Transaction(false)”. What does this mean?

  • This transaction should be hidden from the list of transactions that this smart contract exposes.
  • This transaction should be exposed as a read-only transaction.
  • This transaction should be exposed as a transaction that takes no parameters.
  • This transaction should be exposed as a transaction that has no module dependencies.

Question: A developer is using the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension to create a skeleton TypeScript smart contract project, which will be instantiated as “DemoContract@0.0.1”. From where is this name and version derived?

  • the name of the enclosing project folder
  • the smart contract Typescript source file name
  • the file ‘tsconfig.json’
  • the file ‘package.json’

Question: In the Fabric Environments view of the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension, a smart contract is listed under “Installed” but not under “Instantiated”. What does this mean for the smart contract?

  • It has been started but no transactions have been run.
  • It probably contains compilation errors.
  • It has been built but not packaged.
  • It has been copied to the peer(s) but not started.

Question: Which view in the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension shows a single connection to a Hyperledger Fabric network using a supplied identity?

  • Fabric Gateways
  • Fabric Environments
  • Smart Contracts
  • Fabric Wallets

Question: In Hyperledger Fabric, what is the difference between a submitted transaction and an evaluated transaction?

  • Submitted transactions are recorded on the blockchain ledger; evaluated transactions are not.
  • Submitted transactions take place on a single peer; evaluated transactions run across multiple peers.
  • Submitted transactions run in real-time; evaluated transactions are batched.
  • Submitted transactions are called on behalf of another organization; evaluated transactions are not.

Question: In order to connect a standalone application to the Hyperledger Fabric instance embedded in the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension, which of the following must be exported?

  • Ordering Service
  • Connection Profile
  • Fabric Environment
  • Smart Contract

Question: A developer is writing a standalone TypeScript application to submit a transaction to a Hyperledger Fabric network. Against which object is the submitTransaction method called?

  • wallet
  • contract
  • network
  • gateway

Question: A developer is using the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension to upgrade the version of a smart contract running on an instance of Hyperledger Fabric V1.x.  What will happen to the old version of the smart contract when they do this?

  • The old version of the smart contract will no longer be listed as instantiated.
  • The old version of the smart contract will be uninstalled from the peer.
  • The old version of the smart contract will be removed from the Smart Contracts view.
  • The old version of the smart contract will be installed to a backup channel.

Question: A developer has used the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension to make a change to a smart contract and its version identifier. Typically, what will they then do in the Smart Contracts view to package the modified smart contract so that the new version appears there?

  • Delete the old smart contract package; this causes an automatic repackaging.
  • Select the old smart contract and drag it onto the Package icon.
  • Click the ellipsis (‘…’) and select the “Package Open Project” option.
  • Right-click the old package and select the “Upgrade Smart Contract” option.

Question: When using the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension, which of the following tasks can be done directly in the debug bar of the VS Code debugger?

  • execute a transaction
  • query the block height
  • endorse a transaction
  • start a peer

Question: How does a developer know that a smart contract is under an active debug session in the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension?

  • The VS Code debug side bar is visible.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the screen is a different color, and shows the text “Debug Smart Contract”.
  • The smart contract source file will have a breakpoint indicator.
  • The IBM Blockchain Platform icon in the activity bar has a red notification decorator.

Question: For which object in the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension can tests be generated?

  • channel
  • smart contract
  • peer
  • wallet

Question: Assuming an otherwise working environment, what is the most likely result of running a functional test that has been generated by the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension, but that has not yet been customized?

  • The test will complete and pass.
  • The test will complete with an error message.
  • The test will prompt for input parameters.
  • The test will not compile.

Question: What two pieces of information are supplied by the smart contract when emitting an event?

  • the transaction name and input parameters
  • the smart contract name and endorsement policy
  • the read set and the write set
  • the topic name and payload

Question: A developer uses the “Subscribe to Events” feature in the IBM Blockchain Platform VS Code extension. For how long does the subscription persist?

  • until the next block is committed
  • until the first event is triggered
  • until the gateway is disconnected
  • until the developer selects the “Unsubscribe from Events” option

Question: In a Hyperledger Fabric-based network, which of the following are responsible for executing smart contract code?

  • client applications
  • all peers on the channel
  • ordering service nodes
  • endorsing peers

Question: Three organizations use Hyperledger Fabric to share transaction data. They each connect to the same single peer that is run by a network service provider, and identify themselves to each other using certificates provided by a shared certificate authority. What is a problem with this scenario?

  • there is a single point of trust
  • only one smart contract can be deployed
  • new members cannot join the network
  • each organization must use the same client application

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