IBM Professional SRE: Welcome and Introduction IBM Quiz Answers

Get IBM Professional SRE: Welcome and Introduction IBM Quiz Answers

Welcome to the IBM Professional SRE: Welcome and Introduction course.

This course is for intermediate level site reliability engineer practitioners with workload on the IBM cloud platform that need to operate in an efficient, modern, cloud native way. This introduction will review the required high-level concepts for Site Reliability Engineering and then will take a deeper dive into the associated skills, tasks, and responsibilities required of an individual in the IBM Cloud SRE role.

This course discusses Site Reliability Engineer (the role) and Site Reliability Engineering (the discipline) that can both share the acronym of SRE. To avoid confusion, SRE will only be used in this course to refer to the role of a site reliability engineer.

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Quiz 1: IBM Cloud Site Reliability Engineering

Q1. Site Reliability Engineering is a discipline that incorporates aspects of ________ engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems.


  1. software

Quiz 2: IBM Cloud Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Quiz 1

Q1. IBM Cloud SREs operate services that sustain service level objectives, and they engineer scalable, secure, and highly _______ services.

  • reliable
  • predictable
  • dynamic
  • inadequate

Quiz 3: IBM Cloud Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Quiz 2

Q1. _______ Proactively responds to situations

_______ Works in the IT landscape where lower complexity and change rate are characterized

_______ Typically handles situations reactively and manual

_______ Focuses on the end-to-end service that the target user experiences

_______ Mainly focuses on infrastructure

_______ Looks broadly at the service


  1. SRE
  2. SysAdmin
  3. SysAdmin
  4. SRE
  5. SysAdmin
  6. SysAdmin

Quiz 4: IBM Cloud Platform

Q1. Reduction of manual work and scalability measures _______

Lead time for changes and release frequency measures _______

Adherence of SLOs, change error rates, and mean-time-to-recover measures _______


  1. Efficiency
  2. Velocity
  3. Quality

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