IBM Robotic Process Automation – Intermediate I IBM Quiz Answers

Problem – IBM Robotic Process Automation – Intermediate I IBM Quiz Answers

This course covers more complex features of IBM Robotic Process Automation for the development of more robust and complete bots, such as automation of web pages, automation of windows systems and manipulation of email. This is an intermediate level course for developers and technical professionals.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Manipulate web resources through IBM Robotic Process Automation Studio.
  • Automate Windows systems and emails through IBM RPA Studio.

Before taking this course, you must:

  • Know programming logic.
  • Watch IBM Robotic Process Automation – Basic I course.
  • Watch IBM Robotic Process Automation – Basic II course.

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Quiz 1: IBM Robotic Process Automation – Intermediate I

Q1. In the Windows category, the recorder is used to get the window ID only.

  • True
  • False

Q2. To get the selector of an element in Chrome you need to position the mouse on the element you want to map, right-click, and select the inspect option; or, press the F12 key, then click “Select an element of the page to inspect it”, position the mouse on the element you want to map and click it. Another option is to press the ‘Ctrl  + Shift + C’ hotkey on your keyboard and click the element you want to map, which will redirect it to the HTML tag that corresponds to the UI element.

  • True
  • False

Q3. What do Sendkeys and Click commands have in common?

  • Both click on a web page.
  • Both sets a value to a field.
  • Both are from the Base category.
  • Both emulate the hardware.

Q4. Review the statements:

I) The WDG Automation Studio can use optical character recognition to identify controls in the desired window.

II) After mapping an element using the Recorder, you can view its information.

III) In most cases, the Studio automatically identifies the program executable, but if it has not been identified, just enter the program file path into the Executable field. 

IV) Commands are automatically added to Studio. 

Now check the option that contains the correct statements.

  • Only II and III are true.
  • Only II, III and IV are true. 
  • Only I, III, and IV are true.
  • All statements are true.
  • Only I is true.

Q5. Select the two actions required to download files:

  • Launch the browser.
  • Start browsing context.
  • Use getSpecialFolder command to get the path to save the file.
  • Close the browser.
  • Update web page.

Q6. What does the Apply Search Filters command do?

  • Apply filters to connected email to search for specific messages.
  • Move an email message to a specific folder, which should already be on the connected email server.
  • Count the emails from the connected server’s inbox.
  • Updates the information in the “Subject” and “Category” fields of an email message.
  • Deletes an email message from the email server, moving it to the trash.

Q7. What is the command to download attachments in email?

  • Count Emails.
  • Send Email.
  • Reply Email.
  • Download Email Attachments.
  • Apply Classification Filters.

Q8. Review the statements below:

I) There are commands in the WDG Automation Studio that can handle Captcha and reCaptcha.

II) The webSolveCaptcha command has a parameter that allows you to fetch the captcha from the web page.

III) The webSolveCaptcha command always resolves the captcha, without the need for any other command.

IV) To solve a Captcha it is not necessary to start the browser.

Now check the option with the right alternatives. 

  • Only II is true.
  • Only I and II are true.
  • Only I, II and III are true.
  • Only I and IV are true.
  • All statements are true.
  • All statements are false.

Q9. Which command is used to launch the browser?

  • Start Browser.
  • Close Browser.
  • Find or Attach Tab.
  • Navigate.
  • Associate Browser.

Q10. How to start the recorder?

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Insert the Click command.
  • Click on the View Script button.
  • Click on the Start Recorder button.
  • Insert the Attach Window command.

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