IBM Security Verify Access Foundations course preview IBM Quiz Answers

Get IBM Security Verify Access Foundations course preview IBM Quiz Answers

IBM Security Verify Access helps you simplify your users’ access while more securely adopting web, mobile, IoT, and cloud technologies. It can be deployed on premises, in a virtual or hardware appliance, or containerized with Docker. Verify Access also directly connects with Verify SaaS for a modernized, hybrid IAM approach to enable your organization’s migration to identity as a service (IDaaS) at a comfortable pace. Using the skills taught in this course, you learn how to run Verify Access via Docker, configure authentication and authorization mechanisms, implement policy access control, and set up reverse proxy junctions to process web requests. Hands-on exercises reinforce the skills learned.

This course contains the first Unit of our 3-day IBM Security Verify Access Foundations course. To go beyond the overview and take the full 3-day course, contact one of our Global Training Partners to register for the course or sign up for an IBM Training subscription.

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Quiz 1: Unit 1 – Summary Quiz

Q1. Which two of the following are add-ons available for the IBM Verify Access platform?

  • Single Sign-on
  • Advanced Access Control
  • Web Threat Protection
  • Federation

Q2. Which one of the following lists the four main features of IBM Verify Access?

  • Authorization, web threat protection, cloud computing, and the virtual appliance
  • Authentication, authorization, federation, and event management
  • Authentication, authorization, web threat protection, and single sign-on
  • Authentication, user provisioning, single sign-on, and role analytics

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