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Installing IBM Robotic Process Automation IBM Quiz Answers

Get Installing IBM Robotic Process Automation IBM Quiz Answers

Learn how to install the IBM Robotic Process Automation platform. The course presents all the stages of the installation, detailing the necessary configurations and prerequisites. This is a basic course for developers and technical professionals.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Install IBM RPA SaaS.
  • Install IBM RPA on premises.

Before taking this course, you must:

  • Knowledge of information technology: use of technological devices.

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Quiz 1: SaaS installation

Q1. In the SaaS installation, the user must be connected to the internet at all times to access the platform.

  • True
  • False

Q2. The SaaS installation can be done in two ways. Drag and drop them on the column.

  • setup wizard
  • command line parameters
  • windows command prompt
  • IBM Cloud

Q3. The /exenoui line parameter is responsible for:

  • Define installation type
  • Enable silent mode
  • Create tenant code.
  • Disables the graphical user interface.

Q4. When using the installlevel parameter on the windows command prompt, the values 1 and 4 represent respectively:

  • Complete and Custom.
  • Custom and Typical.
  • Typical and Custom.
  • Typical and Complete.

Q5. In the setup wizard, the proxy configuration is required if there is an existing proxy server.

  • True
  • False

Q6. Some of the platform services take some time to start running. The message _______________ usually appears if the computer has just started and the services are not yet ready.

What is the message?

  • Disable the license
  • You’re out of license.
  • Download the certificate.

Q7. To resolve the issue with the IBM Robotic Process Automation Agent you must:

  • None of the alternatives.
  • Reinstall the certificate.
  • Activate the license
  • Install again.
  • Start or restart the service

Q8. You must enter two datas to activate the license. Drag and drop them on the column.

  • Hostname
  • License ID
  • License Password
  • Tenant Code

Quiz 2: On-premises installation

Q1. To create a new tenant what information is needed:

  • Tenant name, owner email, and if is approved.
  • Tenant name and if is approved.
  • Owner name and owner email only.
  • Tenant name, owner name, owner email, and if is approved.
  • Tenant name and owner name.

Q2. What types of installation does IBM Robotic Process Automation On-premises Client allow? Drag and drop them on the column.

  • Typical
  • Complete
  • Custom
  • Random

Q3. Some of the information that can be sent by the email server are: user information, such as confirmation _____ to the user _______ and reset _______.

Answer: Some of the information that can be sent by the email server are: user information, such as confirmation changes to the user account and reset password.

Q4. The 20.12.0 release introduced a new IBM RPA CA certificate. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 20.12.x, you must update your current certificate.

  • True
  • False

Q5. The installation of on-premises is divided in two parts: _____________, and _____________.

What are these two parts?

  • setup wizard
  • client installation
  • Windows command prompt
  • server installation

Q6. The logs are generated daily by the platform and are named as: Logs.{Year of creation}.{Month of creation}.{Day of creation}…

  • True
  • False

Q7. Which databases are required to install perform server installation? Drag and drop them on the column.

  • Address
  • SQLite
  • Automation
  • MySQL
  • Knowledge
  • Wordnet

Q8. To troubleshoot when a service does not respond, just open IIS and stop the service. If it does not work, start the service and stop again.

  • True
  • False

Q9. In the process of troubleshooting when you cannot run scheduled executions, after locating your computer in the list of computers, click the vertical ellipsis button ⋮and click _____________ and run the _______________.

Which alternative contains the terms that complete the sentence above correctly?

  • Edit Computer / zip file.
  • Download Certificate / downloaded certificate file.
  • Edit Computer / Download Certificate.
  • Download Certificate (Legacy) / computer.
  • Edit Computer / certificate file.

Q10. Place in order the steps to troubleshoot problems with the empty certificate list during the installation process.


  1. Open IIS
  2. Go to Server Certificates
  3. On Actions, click Import to install a new certificate
  4. Select the .pfx file
  5. Enter the certificate password, and select personal
  6. Click OK

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