Introduction to IBM z/OS IBM Quiz Answers

Get Introduction to IBM z/OS IBM Quiz Answers

Large Scale Enterprise Computing powers all major transactions, and the Mainframe is responsible for 87% of all credit card transactions and enables 71% of all Fortune 500 companies.

Mainframes are fundamental on how we do business, and IBM Z is the only production mainframe sold today. Virtually everyone depends on it!

This is your introduction to the hardware, operating systems, security, and features that make this possible. On successful completion of this course, learners are eligible to earn their Introduction to Enterprise Computing badge.

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Quiz 1: Checkpoint 1

Q1. Which operating system function makes sure all of the running programs and processes on the system play well with one another?

  • Database Management
  • Allocation Management
  • Storage Management
  • Resource Management

Q2. Select the correct statement regarding application software

  • Is a program or group of programs designed for system programmers
  • Runs on top of the operating system
  • Generally referred to as a program product
  • All options

Q3. Which process management state describes a process being created?

  • Creation
  • Waiting
  • Building
  • New

Q4. Which IBM transaction processing monitor provides rapid high-volume transaction processing?

  • COP (Customer online program)
  • CICS (Customer information control system)
  • TBDD (Transaction block device driver
  • TPS (Transaction processing system)

Q5. Mainframe memory is also referred to as:

  • DASD
  • Paging
  • Address page
  • Storage

Q6. What is the best statement regarding computer architecture

  • It is the set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and implementation of the hardware system
  • It is the set of rules and methods that describe the quiescent organization, and implementation of the computer system
  • It is the set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and implementation of the computer system
  • It is the set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and installation of the computer system

Q7. Which operating system option provides interactive time sharing from remote terminals?

  • RPC (Remote procedure call)
  • TSO (Time sharing option)
  • HCD (Hardware configuration definition
  • SMF (System management facility)

Quiz 2: Checkpoint 2

Q1. What is the maximum number of z/OS images in a Parallel Sysplex environment?

  • 8
  • 32
  • 16
  • 10

Q2. W​hat might a typical IBM Z Mainframe environment consolidate?

  • Network Adapters
  • Cooling
  • Power Supplies
  • CPU

Q3. Which of the following provides the ability to allow users on multiple systems to access data sets on shared DASD volumes?

  • GRS
  • LPAR
  • TSO
  • XCF

Q4. Which mainframe component syncs the time of day between multiple servers?

  • Server time protocol
  • Sync element
  • Server connect
  • Sysplex timer

Q5. W​hat’s an example of a batch process?

  • Credit card transaction
  • Payroll
  • Phone number look-up

Quiz 3: Security Addendum

Q1. What can I do to a data set with ALTER access that I can’t do with UPDATE access?

  • Read
  • Delete
  • Write

Q2. What type of RACF Profile is typically used to control access to a single data set?


Quiz 4: Checkpoint 3

Q1. What would be the reason to place a key into storage?

  • More secure
  • Better controlled
  • Better performance
  • Safer

Q2. What are the three main objectives of system security?

  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Confidentiality, integrity, and quality
  • Integrity, availability, and malware
  • Integrity, quality, and ascendancy

Q3. Where are the IOCDs’ stored?

  • Support elements
  • Main Storage
  • Hardware system area
  • DASD

Q4. What type of cryptography uses a pair of key values rather than a single key?

  • User Key
  • Public Key
  • Secure Key
  • Private Key

Q5. The Load Parameter consists of 8 positions. What is indicated in the first 4 positions?

  • IPL.PARM device number
  • IODF device number
  • LOADxx device number
  • IPL device number

Q6. Which mainframe hardware component is located on the processor for Symmetric key functions?

  • SSL
  • PCIeCC3
  • HSM

Q7. W​hat’s the initial security request flow for a user request assuming RACF?

  • U​ser request-> SAF-> RACF->RACF Database
  • U​ser request-> Resource Manager->SAD->SAF-> RACF->RACF Database
  • U​ser request-> Resource Manager-> SAF-> RACF->RACF Database

Q8. Which system component decides the allocation of system resources?

  • Resource Handler
  • Resource Director
  • Resource Manager
  • Performance Manager

Q9. Which device contains the IPL loadable code?

  • IPL
  • IRIM
  • SYS1.IPL

Q10. Which IOCDS statement is used to define the FICON switch address?

  • Resource 

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