Master Microsoft Teams for any learning environment Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Master Microsoft Teams for any learning environment Microsoft Quiz Answers

Microsoft Teams makes teaching and learning easier with all your content, apps, and tools always there, in one place, designed to help teachers and students get the most out each day. This training will help you master Teams and enable you to teach other educators.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe how the tools in Microsoft Teams assist educators and learners to get the most out of the classroom.



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Module 8: Lead forward: Integrate the best strategies from remote, hybrid, and blended learning for school leaders

Blending learning environments offers students the best of all worlds of learning. Blended learning incorporates direct instruction in a face-to-face setting, indirect online instruction, collaborative teaching, and individualized computer-assisted learning to ensure students grow along their own learning paths. This module is designed to help school leaders assess, implement, navigate, and sustain a blended learning environment in their schools in a quest to improve every student’s learning outcomes and ensure high student agency.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Assess current learning environments through a blended learning lens.
  • Communicate with and involve multiple stakeholders in transition to blended learning environment.
  • Explain why continuous improvement is important in sustaining blended learning for the future.



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Blended learning incorporates which of these methods of instruction.

  • Direct instruction and indirect instruction
  • Collaborative teaching and lectures
  • Computer-assisted instruction and standardized testing

Q2. Leaders can use which of these strategic moves to promote blended learning.

  • Encouraging staff to create their own blended learning vision.
  • Modeling blended learning and providing just in time resources.
  • Determining future needs based on outside research.

Q3. Which of the following models of learning is not considered a blended learning model?

  • Station rotation
  • Individual rotation
  • Classroom lectures

Q4. Effective communication can make or break any new initiative. How can leaders make sure all stakeholders stay informed?

  • Make sure all communication is available in text, audio, and video formats; making sure to meet accessibility. and language needs.
  • Post everything online but don’t worry about sending information any other way.
  • Make phone calls using a mass calling system in the native language of the majority of parents or guardians.

Q5. School leaders should guide staff through the blended learning continuous improvement process by…

  • Walking around and observing, but not following up.
  • Collecting and focusing on data.
  • Making sure weekly emails are sent that explain processes for improvement.

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