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Problem: Merge the Tools! Hacker Rank Solution

Consider the following:

A string, s, of length n where s = c0c1. . . . cn-1.

An integer, k, where k is a factor of n.

We can split s into n/k substrings where each subtring, ti, consists of a contiguous block of k characters in s. Then, use each ti to create string ui such that:

The characters in ui are a subsequence of the characters in ti.

Any repeat occurrence of a character is removed from the string such that each character in ui occurs exactly once. In other words, if the character at some index j in ti occurs at a previous index < j in ti, then do not include the character in string ui.

Given s and k, print n/k lines where each line i denotes string ui.



k = 3

There are three substrings of length 3 to consider: ‘AAA’, ‘BCA’ and ‘DDE’. The first substring is all ‘A’ characters, so u1 = ‘A’. The second substring has all distinct characters, so u2 = ‘BCA’. The third substring has 2 different characters, so u3 = ‘DE’. Note that a subsequence maintains the original order of characters encountered. The order of characters in each subsequence shown is important.

Function Description 

Complete the merge_the_tools function in the editor below.

merge_the_tools has the following parameters:

  • string s: the string to analyze
  • int k: the size of substrings to analyze


Print each subsequence on a new line. There will be n/k of them. No return value is expected.

Input Format

The first line contains a single string, s.

The second line contains an integer, k, the length of each substring.


  • 1 <= n <= 10^4, where n is the length of s
  • 1 <= k <= n 
  • It is guaranteed that n is a multiple of k.

Sample Input

STDIN       Function
-----       --------
3           k = 3

Sample Output 



Split s into n/k = 9/3 = 3 equal parts of length k = 3. Convert each ti to ui by removing any subsequent occurrences of non-distinct characters in ti:

  1. t0 = “AAB” – u0 = “AB”
  2. t1 = “CAA” – u1 = “CA”
  3. t2 = “ADA” – u2 = “AD”

Print each ui on a new line.

Merge the Tools! Hacker Rank Solution in Python 2

# Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT
s = raw_input().strip()
k = int(raw_input())
i = 0
while i < len(s):
    a = s[i:i+k]
    output = ""
    for x in a:
        if x not in output:
            output += x
    print output
    i += k

Merge the Tools! Hacker Rank Solution in Python 3

def merge_the_tools(string, k):
    for part in zip(*[iter(string)] * k):
        d = dict()
        print(''.join([ d.setdefault(c, c) for c in part if c not in d ]))

Merge the Tools! Hacker Rank Solution in pypy

def merge_the_tools(string, k):
    # your code goes here
    for x in xrange(0,len(string),k):
        print ''.join(u_list)

Merge the Tools! Hacker Rank Solution in pypy3

# Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT

for i in range(0,ln,k):
    for x in ss:
        if x not in sss:

    print (''.join(sss))  
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