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MS-203 Manage and troubleshoot mail flow in Microsoft 365 Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get MS-203 Manage and troubleshoot mail flow in Microsoft 365 Microsoft Quiz Answers

Examines how to manage mail flow components in Exchange Online, Exchange Server, and Exchange hybrid deployments, and explores how to troubleshoot mail flow and mail transport issues

This learning path helps prepare you for Exam MS-203: Microsoft 365 Messaging.


This module is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role. The prerequisites for this module include:

  • Ability to navigate the Microsoft 365 admin center, the Exchange admin center, and the Microsoft 365 Defender portal
  • Ability to create Domain Name System (DNS) records at an intermediate level
  • Familiarity with Active Directory concepts such as centralized domain management, sites, and directory-based identity-related services
  • Ability to write PowerShell commands at an intermediate level

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Module 1: Manage mail flow

Examines the differences between managing mail flow in Exchange Online, Exchange Server, and Exchange Hybrid deployments

Learning objectives:

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage mail flow in Exchange organizations.
  • Understand mail flow for Exchange Servers.
  • Manage mail flow for Exchange Online.
  • Describe and manage mail flow in hybrid environments.

Quiz 1: Explore mail flow in Microsoft Exchange

Q1. As the Messaging administrator for Lucerne Publishing, Patti Fernandez is analyzing the company’s mail flow configuration in its Exchange Server deployment. Which feature of Lucerne’s Exchange deployment are the first to accept external messages and scan them for spam and malware?

  • perimeter servers
  • External mail servers
  • Mailbox servers

Quiz 2: Manage mail flow in Exchange Online deployments

Q1. As the Messaging Administrator for Contoso, Holly Dickson is configuring the company’s Exchange Online deployment. Holly has configured Internet SMTP email to be sent out directly from Exchange Online Protection to the recipient’s mail server. What other configuration must Holly complete in Contoso’s Exchange Online deployment?

  • Configure Exchange Online internal routing to route any messages from Contoso’s Exchange organization to an Internet domain to the Internet
  • Subscribe to Exchange Online Protection for email protection services for on-premises mailboxes
  • Configure Contoso’s DNS MX record to point inbound to Exchange Online

Quiz 3: Knowledge check

Q1. Contoso’s Exchange Server deployment has multiple routing paths, but they all have the same cost. When determining mail flow, what’s the next option that Exchange uses to determine which routing path to use?

  • The path whose Active Directory site has the lowest alphanumeric name
  • The path with the lowest number of hops
  • The path whose Active Directory site has the largest maximum message size

Q2. Fabrikam has an Exchange Server deployment. As the Messaging administrator for Fabrikam, Holly Spencer is analyzing the tools that are available to help manage mail flow in Exchange. What tool provides the most detailed information about message delivery so that Holly can determine whether Fabrikam’s mail flow is using the correct Exchange servers and connectors?

  • Queue viewer
  • Delivery reports
  • The Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet

Q3. Tailspin Toys is planning to implement a hybrid Exchange deployment. As the Messaging administrator for Tailspin Toys, Alan Deyoung is planning the company’s email flow between Exchange Online and the company’s on-premises Exchange Servers. What other email flow component must Alan organize?

  • The Transport Layer Security (TLS) that encrypts messages
  • The SMTP send and receive connectors used by the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
  • Email flow to and from the Internet

Module 2: Troubleshoot mail flow

This module examines several tools that Microsoft provides to help messaging administrators find and fix the root causes of mail flow issues most commonly experienced by organizations.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to troubleshoot SMTP mail flow issues.
  • Describe how to troubleshoot issues with a shared namespace.
  • Describe how to troubleshoot Transport Layer Security encryption issues.
  • Understand how Alert policies can be used to troubleshoot mail flow issues.

Quiz 1: Troubleshoot SMTP mail flow

Q1. As the Messaging administrator for Fabrikam, Holly Spencer is using the Queue Viewer tool to troubleshoot some recent SMTP mail flow issues. Holly has noticed that there’s many messages in the Mailbox Delivery queue. What’s the most common cause for this situation?

  • A dismounted mailbox database
  • The categorizer is having problems processing the messages
  • Messages can’ be routed to their destination

Quiz 2: Troubleshoot Transport Layer Security encryption issues

Q1. As the Message administrator for Contoso, Holly Dickson wants to configure mutual TLS to secure a connector to Fabrikam, one of Contoso’s partner organizations. Securing a connector to Fabrikam will enable Holly to manage secured message paths between domains over the Internet. In this configuration, how should the Contoso mailbox server verify the identity of the Fabrikam mailbox server?

  • By reviewing the receive protocol log for STARTTLS events that are marked successful
  • By validating the certificate provided by the Fabrikam mailbox server
  • By verifying the identity of the server that’s stored in Fabrikam’s MX record

Quiz 3: Knowledge check

Q1. Which Microsoft Exchange tool provides detailed message activity information as mail flows through the transport pipeline on Mailbox servers and Edge Transport servers?

  • Protocol logging
  • Message tracking logs
  • Telnet

Q2. Contoso recently began experiencing back pressure in its Exchange Server deployment. Message delivery slowed down and incoming messages were being blocked. What’s the best way for Contoso to avoid back pressure?

  • Ensure the organization’s Exchange Server has the necessary amount of system resources
  • Download the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer tool
  • Enable protocol logging on SMTP Send and SMTP Receive connectors

Q3. Contoso wants to migrate from a third-party email solution to its Exchange Server. Since the domain suffix is the same for all users in the third-party email solution and Contoso’s Exchange Server, what must Contoso’s Messaging administrator do to properly configure the Exchange Server to allow correct email routing?

  • Configure one or more Active Directory sites as hub sites
  • Configure an SMTP Receive connector that enables an Exchange Transport service to receive mail from any other SMTP sources
  • Configure a shared namespace environment

Module 3: Troubleshoot transport issues

Examines common troubleshooting scenarios involving transport components, including connectors, transport agents, architectural issues, and coexistence.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Troubleshoot network-based issues.
  • Plan troubleshooting procedures for connector and agent issues.
  • Plan troubleshooting procedures for architectural issues.
  • Describe how to troubleshoot transport issues with coexistence.

Quiz 1: Troubleshoot network-based issues

Q1. Which port used by Exchange is the most import port used for client access?

  • 25/TCP
  • 80/TCP
  • 443/TCP

Quiz 2: Troubleshoot transport in coexistence

Q1. Mail flow processing requires multiple DNS record types to be configured. What record type should you verify when troubleshooting mail routing in a coexistence scenario to ensure that it’s configured properly?

  • A records
  • CNAME records
  • TXT records

Quiz 3: Knowledge Check

Q1. Contoso is experiencing a slowdown in mail delivery. Which of the following issues can be causing this problem?

  • Contoso installed a transport agent created by a third party
  • There are multiple sites with the same routing cost
  • Large numbers of DLP policies are deployed

Q2. Holly Spencer is Fabrikam’s Messaging administrator. Fabrikam is experiencing issues in its Exchange Server deployment. SMTP mail flow is being inhibited, and messages have been getting stuck in the transport pipeline. Messages are also being rejected for exceeding the maximum message size. What should Holly troubleshoot that may be causing these issues?

  • Verify proper configuration of Fabrikam’s send and receive connectors
  • Verify that port 110/TCP isn’t restricted
  • Consider disabling the built-in malware agent in Exchange Server if Fabrikam has other software that conducts malware scanning on email

Module 4: Troubleshoot mail flow using logs

Examines how to use the event, protocol, and tracking logs to troubleshoot service availability and message transport, and when you must find historical data about past issues.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Create searches for the message tracking log.
  • Describe how to troubleshoot using the protocol logs.
  • Understand how to work with the event logging for Exchange.

Quiz 1: Troubleshoot with protocol logs

Q1. Holly Dickson is the Messaging administrator for Contoso. Holly suspects that a user can’t send email to different users where email is sent over multiple connectors. What tool should Holly use to troubleshoot this issue?

  • Protocol logs
  • Message tracking logs
  • Event logs

Quiz 2: Knowledge check

Q1. Which Exchange Management Shell cmdlet isn’t available when connected to Exchange Online?

  • Get-MessageTrace
  • Get-MessageTraceDetails
  • Get-MessageTrackingLog

Q2. Which source in the Application log includes information about Active Directory access, insufficient permissions, message tracking log corrupted, and the Transport Log Search service failing to start?

  • MSExchangeTransportLogSearch
  • MSExchange Messaging Policies
  • MSExchange Store Driver Delivery

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