Transform higher education through Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Transform higher education through Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 Microsoft Quiz Answers

This learning path focuses on using Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 to engage with higher-ed students in remote and hybrid learning environments. Discover ways to use Teams to support all learners in different types of learning environments. Faculty will find the best ways to connect with their students no matter the learning model.



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Module 1: Collaborate faster using Microsoft Teams for higher education staff

Microsoft Staff and PLC Teams provide the perfect location to work with colleagues on projects, curriculum adoptions, and even university-wide initiatives. Administrators can communicate and collaborate with their faculty in one location. Policies and procedures, forms, instructions for various tasks and responsibilities, and more can all be shared within Teams for quick access. Teams supports online meetings with screen share and whiteboard annotation that can be recorded, automatically saved, and transcribed in Stream. Whether your colleagues are down the hall or in another building across town, Staff and PLC Teams support collaboration among educators.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Identify ways Microsoft Teams works to drive the work of academic departments on any device
  • Set up and use Microsoft Teams with colleagues and guests for collaborative work
  • Use the functionality of Teams to include third party apps to make work even more robust and efficient



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Microsoft Teams online meetings can be scheduled with:

  • Only people in my internal organization
  • People who are either internal or external to my organization
  • Only people who are in my Outlook contact list

Q2. Microsoft Teams is available on:

  • Only devices that run Windows
  • Only Apple or Android devices
  • Windows, Apple, and Android devices

Q3. By using @Forms in a conversation, one can:

  • Start a quick poll
  • Create a new quiz
  • Design a lengthy survey

Q4. Every team is created with a default channel named:

  • General
  • Today’s work
  • Chapter 1

Q5. The best place to start each day in Teams is:

  • Topmost channel
  • Files tab
  • Activity feed

Module 2: Enable student success with blended learning solutions in higher education

Microsoft 365 tools can help higher education educators build a successful blended learning experience, from design and delivery to student engagement and educator feedback.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Design a course that works in multiple modalities
  • Deliver content that engages students and provides them with interactive learning experiences
  • Support student progress and success through assessment and feedback



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Which component of a Class Team includes a Content Library, Collaboration Space, and individual student notebooks?

  • Posts
  • Files
  • Class Notebook

Q2. Teachers deliver live lectures with video meetings in which tool?

  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Class Notebook

Q3. Students use which tool to collaborate using digital ink?

  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Stream

Q4. Faculty and students use Flipgrid to do which of the following?

  • Write an essay
  • Record video responses
  • Host a live video meeting

Q5. The Reflect tool in Microsoft Teams allows faculty to:

  • Share a file
  • Record a lecture
  • Check students’ SEL

Module 3: Transform the higher education experience with the Surface suite of devices

The practical uses and integrations of the Surface suite provide faculty, staff, and students a collaborative work environment, and teaching and learning experience, where innovation abounds.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Set up and manage Surface devices for full functionality while teaching and learning in a higher education environment
  • Describe the features and applications of Surface devices that provide an optimal experience for teaching and learning.
  • Explain how the Surface is best suited for various learning experiences, including hybrid learning.



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Which Surface device offers powerful software and graphics that’s a great option for STEAM activities?

  • Surface Go
  • Surface Studio
  • Surface Hub

Q2. The integration of Teams on all Surface devices along with what program offers a platform for students to communicate how they’re feeling through the school day?

  • School Days
  • Nearpod
  • Wakelet

Q3. Which feature on the Surface device allows for signing in with facial recognition?

  • Cortana
  • Windows Hello
  • Ease of Access

Q4. Which accessibility feature can be used with a Surface device to support students with reading content?

  • Dictation
  • Digital Keyboard
  • Digital Inking
  • Immersive Reader

Q5. What feature on a Surface device allows teachers to easily switch between laptop and tablet mode?

  • Cortana
  • Ease of Access
  • Settings
  • Taskbar

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