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Use assessment tools to conduct successful family-teacher conferences Microsoft Quiz Answers

Get Use assessment tools to conduct successful family-teacher conferences Microsoft Quiz Answers


As educators prepare to meet parents, guardians, and families for conferences, the focus should be directed towards creating student–centered sessions. Sharing student progress using portfolios and other Microsoft tools that show student growth is essential to creating future goals for each student. Teams is a digital learning platform where students prepare documents that showcase their learning using OneNote Notebook, PowerPoint, and Sway. Students may also reflect on their learning by creating video reflections using Flipgrid. Insights is a tool that helps educators, parents, guardians, and families visually understand student progress, providing a wealth of information on which they can reflect together and use as a basis for how to move students forward into the next school year. Teams, Calendar, Outlook, and Bookings can all assist educators with scheduling their conferences with ease. The translator app provides multi-language support for school conversations by creating a space for teachers and parents of various languages to communicate efficiently. This learning path helps educators better understand their classes as a whole as well as individual student progress. With detailed information, educators can better plan and conduct successful conference sessions that create a stronger home-school connection.

Additional modules:

Engage and amplify with Flipgrid

Digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway

Learning objectives:

  • Explain how Microsoft digital tools can be used to collaborate more intentionally with students and their families.
  • Describe ways to see and understand where their classrooms and students are in their learning progress.
  • Identify strategies to plan and conduct parent conferences that are centered on student growth and the enhancement of future success opportunities.



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Module 1: Leverage data for action with Microsoft Education Insights

Educators learn the features of Microsoft Education Insights and how to leverage the tools to identify trends and inform decision making to best support students.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Navigate your Insights dashboard to display data and identify trends.
  • Proactively monitor student activity.
  • Apply Insights metrics to support your students.

ISTE Standards for Educators:

  • Educator – Analyst
  • Leaders – Empowering Leader



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Education Insights can be used to:

  • Grade students on their level of digital engagement
  • Replace relationship building and 1:1 attention
  • Discuss patterns with stakeholders

Q2. Where can you access the Insights app?

  • By adding the Insights app to the Teams app bar and automatically in the tab of each class
  • By opening the Teams settings and selecting Allow Insights
  • By selecting Manage team

Q3. The class overview page is:

  • A space to enter grades.
  • A space for students to view their trends and progress.
  • The hub for viewing Education Insights across all of your active classes.
  • A space to create and disperse assignments.

Q4. Within the digital activity feature, educators can see when students:

  • Post channel messages, access resources, attend meetings, and edit files.
  • Send distracting messages to their peers.
  • Complete paper assignments.

Q5. Assignment status highlights:

  • Where students are in the assignment process.
  • How well a student performed on their assignment.
  • Students who self-reported not having enough background knowledge to be successful.

Module 3: Countdown to successful family-teacher conferences

Communicating student progress to parents creates a stronger home-school connection within the classroom. This course is designed to give educators an understanding of how to use Microsoft tools to plan and carry out a successful parent conference that is centered around the student. Modules are arranged within a sequential format to give educators proper techniques and tools to use before, during, and after meeting with parents. This course is meant for use within a face to face or a virtual setting.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Design learning experiences through Teams that students can use to demonstrate mastery on a range of topics.
  • Use Microsoft evaluation tools such as Insights to help monitor student success and enable educators to intervene as individual student needs change.
  • Schedule conference times and conduct real-time translations with Microsoft tools for parents and guardians to better communicate student and family needs.
  • Produce a holistic view of student progress and co-create goals for future learning opportunities with Microsoft tools.

ISTE Standards for Educators:

  • Educator – Designer
  • Educator – Leader
  • Educator – Learner



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. What are the two most important purposes of teacher-parent conferences?

  • To have a conversation about school events and give parents information on classroom protocols.
  • To ask for further participation in the classroom and create a schedule for families to volunteer.
  • To communicate student growth and strengthen the bond between the home and the school.

Q2. One of the main reasons why parents do not go to parent and guardian conferences is due to

  • Not understanding how to participate in school activities.
  • Not being able to get off work.
  • Having problems with transportation.

Q3. Scenario: Your students are creating growth portfolios to demonstrate their mastery of learning outcomes. Which set of tools within Microsoft Teams would be the best option to use for developing these student growth portfolios?

  • PowerPoint, Flipgrid, and Sway
  • Video Conferencing, Word, and Forms
  • Insights and Flipgrid

Q4. During a teacher-parent conference, what Microsoft tool helps teachers communicate better with parents who feel more comfortable speaking in their primary language?

  • Flipgrid
  • OneNote Notebook
  • Translator

Q5. Microsoft Insights helps teachers

  • Holistically reflect on academic and behavior growth to develop plans of actions within the classroom.
  • Gain access to state standards and learning outcomes.
  • Create a video discussion on any topic.

Module 6: Automate scheduling with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings helps educators save time and increase automation in their day-to-day tasks. Automate scheduling meetings and events—in person, online, one-to-one, and one-to-many. Bookings automates the back-and-forth communication needed for scheduling so time is given back to educators, staff, learners, and parents.

Learning objectives:

In this module, you will:

  • Describe Microsoft Bookings and how it works in education
  • Set up Bookings in the school
  • Identify how Bookings can save time for educators and learners alike



This module is part of these learning paths:

Quiz 1: Knowledge check

Q1. Microsoft Bookings helps educators in the following way(s):

  • Save time by automating scheduling
  • Schedule events through back-and-forth emailing
  • Remove human interaction from the booking process

Q2. With which products does Microsoft Bookings integrate?

  • Word and PowerPoint
  • Outlook and Teams
  • Microsoft Edge

Q3. How many calendars is Microsoft Bookings able to create?

  • One per person
  • Maximum of 10 calendars per organization
  • Multiple calendars—for individuals and programs

Q4. How is time booked on a calendar?

  • Only through the booking page
  • Only through the internal app
  • Through the booking page or internal app

Q5. When creating a service, add ______ to leave time before or after the event.

  • extra time
  • buffer time
  • cushion time

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